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Under the title scientific school there are different schools of criminology with a scientific interest in crime, criminals, and criminal behaviour. These schools  ranges from Cartographic School to the modern Criminological Analysis based on psychological and forensic theories and data analysis.

From the pre-scientific school to the philosophic and legal schools, criminology kept its identity unique. Despite these schools have criticisms, it helped to form criminology as a discipline, on that foundation Scientific Criminology was born.

Scientific School here denotes Scientific Criminology; in many ways the schools under the umbrella of scientific criminology are multi-perspective. It has roots in sociology, phrenology, psychology, penology, endocrinology, environment science, geography, anthropology and other disciplines such as statistics, economics etc.

To understand the cientific schools of criminology, let's start with Cartographic School of Criminology.


Neo Classical School                                                                       Cartographic School


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